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CE031 - Lawn Bowls Pennant Aggregate Scoreboard

Quality and longest lasting Lawn Bowls Pennant Scoreboard. Clearly display the score of two competing lawn bowls teams and know that is will stand up to the harsh Australian conditions with it’s 20-year warranty (see warranty conditions).

Specifications of Australian Pennant Scoreboards:

  • quality aluminum frame construction
  • outside perimeter is ‘U’ shaped to prevent racking of frame
  • frame is riveted with stainless steel rivets to enhance rigidity
  • supports blue flip numbers on the top rail and green numbers on the middle rail to score for two teams, and black flip numbers on the bottom railto disply the total number of ends completed from 0 to 499
  • numbers on the pennant scoreboard are screen printed on white PVC sheet (no discolouration or sunlight concerns)
  • flip over numbers (120mm wide by 150mm high).  A top slot allows the number to be flipped without catching on the rings
  • numbers have been strategically dimpled to inhibit wear and abrasion of the screen printing
  • number rings are custom made from stainless steel (no rust and strong closure)
  • professionally pre-treated and white powder coated (other colours on request)

Dimensions of Australian Pennant Scoreboards:

  • 1.34 meters high and 0.48 meters wide 

Installation of the Pennant Scoreboards:

  • there are two 475mm long detachable mounting feet to allow the pennant scoreboard to be positioned on any flat surface
  • the two mounting feet are manufactured from 25mm by 50mm aluminum section.  There is an aluminum section internally fixed in the upper middle of the feet into which the uprights of the scoreboard fit
  • a spring loaded retaining pin holds the feet in place

Visibility provided by a Pennant Scoreboard:

  • visible from anywhere on the lawn bowls green
  • clearly visible to players and spectators alike
  • numbers are also on the back to enable spectators to see the score

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