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CE030 - Lawn Bowls Rink Scoreboard

High quality, long lasting lawn bowls scoreboards that have been designed for the Australian elements boasting a 20-year guarantee.

Lawn Bowls Scoreboards Specifications:

  • quality aluminum frame construction
  • outside perimeter is ‘U’ shape to prevent racking of frame
  • frame is riveted with stainless steel on the four corners to enhance rigidity (remaining rivets are aluminum)
  • stainless steel windbar to prevent wind from flipping the numbers
  • supports blue and green scoring numbers hung side-by-side on the top rail to display the accumulated score from 0 to 49
  • black set of numbers hung under the blackboard to display the number of completed ends from 0 to 49
  • numbers (90mm wide by 120mm high) printed on white PVC sheet (no discolouration or sunlight concerns, or catching on rings)
  • number rings are custom made from stainless steel (no rust and strong closure)
  • a blackboard to write two teams names made from galvanised steel (magnetic overlays may be used)
  • two 13mm stainless steel tube legs with only the top end riveted, designed to inhibit lateral leg movement
  • professional pretreated and white powder coated (other colours on request)

Dimensions Lawn Bowls Scoreboards:

  • 1.34 meters high and 0.48 meters wide

Advertising on Lawn Bowls Scoreboards:

  • manufacturers advertising on back plates and bottom advertising panel
  • a customised wrap over panel on the top of the lawn bowls scoreboard can be used to promote Clubs and sponsors
  • top and/or bottom advertising panels can be customised when first purchased or at a later date
  • bottom scoreboard advertising panel is 300mm high and 475mm wide
  • optional double sided top advertising panel1 90mm high and 475mm wide

Printing on the panel is high quality digital printing to full colour photographic standards on vinyl with a protective transparent overlay, customised to the purchasers requirements.

Visibility of Lawn Bowls Scoreboards:

  • visible from anywhere on the lawn bowls rink
  • displays accumulated score for each competitor 0 - 49
  • displays number of ends completed 0 to 49
  • numbers are also on the back to enable spectators to see the score

Installation Lawn Bowls Scoreboards:

It is important that the two-leg mounting holes for the lawn bowls scoreboard are drilled at the correct spacing and are vertical. If the installer has any concerns w can assist, including providing a drilling jig. Please enquire.

Care of Lawn Bowls Scoreboards:

  • the best printing inks are used but harsh sunlight can eventually fade the screen printing when left outside permanently.  Flip the numbers to expose the back of the last number of each set (e.g. back of ‘4’ and ‘9’ of 49) if scoreboard left outdoors.
  • used soft high quality chalk on the blackboard. If it becomes worn re-coat with blackboard paint Please contact us for more information.

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