Early Origins & Trademarks 

The Company's history can be traced back as far as 1820 to Darlington's of Liverpool.

The business has the most famous bowler, Sir Francis Drake, as their trade mark, his comments on being informed about the Armada being in sight is recorded as saying 'finish our game' (of bowls) is part of the great history of the sport.

An early price list showing the trade mark and that they were official testers of the International Bowling Board also Standard Jack makers.

The picture by Seymour Lucas depicting Sir Francis Drake and that famous game of Bowls is shown below thanks to the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London who hold the copyright . You can see however where the idea for the design of the original trademarks came from!

© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

The trade mark currently used is based on the original registered by the Liverpool bowls business of Darlington's which was established in the City in 1820. As Drakes Pride traces its association with bowls back to Darlington's it can claim to be the oldest surviving English bowls business and thus one of the oldest in the World.

The Drakes Pride Company trademarks over the years.