Early Evidence Of Size & Bias Options

From the same price list it is interesting to note that the range of sizes of bowl that were being offered, they obviously like 'big' bowls in those days, and perhaps more especially the range of bias that you could specify! 

From a later price list, circa 1930, the range of qualities and prices for Lignum Vitae (wooden) bowls is extensive but composition bowls must  also have been available as shown by the reference to 'imported plastic bowls' in the section refering to engraving charges.

 In their 1957 price list as part of the renovation / testing service for 'Flat Green' bowls they list a charge for buffing composition bowls which indicates that they were by then well accept.

By 1971 Darlington were offering their own Drake's Pride composition bowls. This is the first reference to the use of their trade mark name for a model of bowl that has been found (to date).

 The rule book published by Darlington must quite early circa 1900 and makes interesting reading the front cover and a copy of two of the pages are shown below. (This rule book is currently on display in the Museum of Liverpool)

 The rule concerning playing in the dark is quite an interesting one - You can just imagine a bowler standing at the jack with a torch of some kind in his hand illuminating the 'target'!!

Darlington's were licenced testers to the International Bowling Board and as the box label below shows, Standard Jack Makers to ALL Crown Green Associations. We think this box label, from a set of Crown Green Lignum Vitae Bowls, is circa 1947 although it could be earlier as the IBB stamp was introduced in 1939.